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Football Predictions: Customize Your Own Football Report

sports bettingWelcome to Trend Bettor, where we pride ourselves on sports data and sports analysis. We offer one of a kind sports reports as well as analytical data to help you make the best decision possible when it comes to sports betting. Many factors come into play when trying to make a winning football prediction or basketball prediction for any sports game. We understand that these factors play a large part in a winning season. Our sports reports as well as sports agents offer a fully customizable experience. You are able to manipulate your variables for each team or game based on your own variables. Our Sports Agents also give you the ability to set certain criteria for each scenario so you can be updated when you have a winning bet. These Sports Agents work for you and automatically update you via email and text messaging so you never miss a safe bet. We are confident that you will find our product to not only be superior but will also provide you with a winning season.

Sport Statistic Reports

  • Build Custom Sports Reports Build an unlimited amount of sports reports designed and customized to your liking. Using our Custom Trend Builder you have access to over 25 years of sports data at your finger tips. Learn More…
  • Live Sport Updates We have live sports updates to include line changes, injuries, box scores and more. All of our sports data is updated regularly giving you live sports stats to make your decision. Learn More…
  • Automated Game Agent We don’t expect you to be using our system every minute of the day, that is why we have added our Game Agent feature which allows you to set trigger points for your games. Learn More…
  • Professional Trend Statistics We know you are on the go constantly and need updates on your favorite game matchups. Configure your mobile settings and stay updated on any game changes or updates. Learn More…

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